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A little about GRL.

Hello friends. So this feels a bit like a first date huh? Someone once told me that on a first date you should never talk about politics, religion, or your ex, so shall we just stick to running?


I am born and raised in South East London. I did move up to The Midlands for a few years to attend university, however they couldn’t tie me down forever and after four years I moved back to London to study a postgraduate degree. My day job is as a Cardiac Physiologist in one of our amazing NHS hospitals in London. I am forever proud to work where I do; it is both an honour and privilege to do what I do and not one day have I taken it for granted. 


Outside of my work, I love to run. The older I have got, it's become more of a love hate relationship, but running is something I have consistently done since I can really remember.  I ran throughout school and sixth form; I reached many English school finals and reached the international stage. After sustaining an injury and arguably too much pressure, running took a much needed back seat in my life and I set off travelling to live in Australia for a year. Only at university did I start running again, when I decided to sign up to my first marathon. I decided from then that I wanted to run far, and since then I have run 6 marathons, including 4 world majors, and counting. I am a coach for Adidas Runners LDN and have been working with them since January this year. My ethos as a coach is to help all runners fall in love with the journey and focus a little less on the destination.  

Running is now my sanctuary. It’s the place I can go to and feel like I am my true self. Running is my way of bringing all the parts of myself together in one place. My favourite thing about running, is that no matter where I go in the world or how I feel, as long as I have a pair of trainers with me I have a home. A lot of people think that running has to be about being fast, or a time, or a pace, but it doesn’t; ultimately running should be about you. This is what I want this place to be about. There is so much more to running than the physical movement and I vow for this to be a safe and inclusive space for every body, every runner, everywhere. 

The brands I've worked with...

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